New Page at Garment A Go-Go

There is a new page highlighting all the features of a Garment A Go-Go bag.  Check it out.

Corrales Arts Center is Socializing

Recently, STUNT: Varsity Marketing helped the Corrales Arts Center get their social media off the ground.  Our goal is to provide an online place so the people of Corrales, New Mexico and southern Sandoval County can stay abreast of all the wonderful programs and activities at the center as well as share their experiences with others.

Please take a moment to follow:



New Addition: Albuqerque Real Estate Group

STUNT: Varsity Marketing is excited to announce a new partnership with Albuquerque Real Estate Group.

Take a moment to follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Focus on Milestones for Social Media Success

In growing and maintaining a vibrant social media you should always seek to explore the things that work and the things that don’t.  Having fun with the trial and error is something that will keep your company engaged in the process of creating quality content.

One thing that STUNT: Varsity Marketing has discovered as an almost always hit is to stimulate your social media activity by creating excitement around meeting follower milestones (i.e. 100 likes, 600 likes, 10,000 likes, etc.).  When approaching milestones make it an event and request participation from your current followers to get you to your goal.

  • Start campaign at a point where you feel with a good push you will hit the number in a reasonably short time (say a month)
  • Establish a reward for hitting the milestone
    • Can be a discount for followers
    • Can be a prize given out to a few lucky followers
  • Ask for your current followers to help bring people on board
    • People still love to be a part of something
    • Be excited about it and chances are they may too
  • Give updates on progress and keep pushing towards goal
  • Show elation when hitting the goal and follow through immediately with original promise of reward

Enjoy this simple task that will go a long way.  Good luck and happy socializing.

If you ever have questions or need to discuss further aid in your social media activity please email

Connect with Garment A Go-Go

STUNT: Varsity Marketing has been working tirelessly the last month to develop the online footprint of the burgeoning luxury garment bag company, Garment A Go-Go.  Take a moment to follow them:






Garment A Go-Go on Kickstarter

STUNT: Varsity Marketing will be showcasing everything done for Garment A Go-Go but we wanted to make sure you took the time to go support Garment A G0-Go on Kickstarter!  It is a great product and they need your help!  Visit the Kickstarter page here.

The Barnabas Commission Postcard

STUNT: Varsity Marketing recently completed a postcard for our friends at The Barnabas Commission.



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